Grice Whiteley has been asked to lead a session during the 2021 ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design & Construction Symposium for the Young Professionals mini-track. Grice is hosting a session “Working with Recruiters – what you need to know when a recruiter calls.”

Save the date: March 2 and March 4 at 4:30 pm. Get Zoom access to the session as a YP by contacting ACC or AAAE, or the conference web site.

The session during this year’s virtual conference will cover things like:

  • How does recruiting work?
  • What’s the way to respond to an unsolicited employment call?
  • Is my information confidential?
  • Who pays the fee?
  • Can’t I just bypass HR and recruiters and talk with someone inside that I know?
  • How can I get noticed by a recruiter who can help me with my career?
  • How do I find someone to recruit me?
  • What should I be careful about when being recruited?
  • What to know about job postings, various career websites, etc.
  • How do I handle negotiations?

Joining Grice for the session is Danette Maybin, Human Resources Director, PHR, for Orlando Sanford Int’l Airport, SFB. There will be plenty of time for Q&A, and the intent is to make it a very interactive session that will be held twice: once at the end of Day 2, and once at the end of Day 3 for the Sympsoium.

The Briefing Sessions are free for all Symposium registrants. Additionally, ACC and AAAE Young Professionals will be able to register for these events which will be held on Zoom.