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Whatever you call people in this line or work, we believe you’ll recognize very early on that a conversation with Grice Whiteley is different than those you have from other headhunters who might often contact you.

I’m told repeatedly by many that I’m the only recruiter whose calls they return.  Why?  Because Grice’s approach and background is completely different, in that I come from the airport industry.   I’m one of you.  I get it.  It will be obvious when we have our first conversation that I know the airport industry, I know the key players, and perhaps most importantly, they know me.  I’ve done this hundreds of times with people just like you.  You’re in good hands!  Read Grice Whiteley’s bio for more background.


Considering a Change?

If I was thinking of speaking to a search professional about a career change, I’d want to first be assured of several things about the recruiter with whom I was speaking:

  1. confidentiality
  2. successful industry experience:  recruiting and aviation
  3. professionalism
  4. integrity

Conversations we have are confidential.  I don’t drop names to my clients, nor do I send around resumes of individuals with whom I’m having conversations.  Grice always respects your confidentiality.   Your resume will NEVER be sent anywhere to anyone without your permission.


What’s It Like to Work With a Search Consultant?

First, it’s confidential.  Second, it’s a collaborative relationship.  We’ll figure out a time when you can talk freely, and I’ll get to know a lot more about you, your background, your current position, what motivates you to consider other opportunities, and what you are willing to consider both professionally and logistically.  The key thing for Grice is to be able to recognize a superior opportunity for you when it presents itself so you can be kept in mind.  The key thing for YOU is to know that someone competent and discreet is participating daily in the airport industry conversations.  That means we’re in the best position to let you know about opportunities as they emerge, not just things you read about on job boards and company career pages.

Another point to realize working with a headhunter is this: our client is the company who pays for our services.  You as an individual don’t pay.  For this reason, how we spend our time and what we’re searching for is at the direction of our clients.   Grice Group finds the top performers for positions our client wants to hire.  Simply put: We find people for jobs, not jobs for people.

That being said, when an industry experienced engineer, architect, planner, airport director or program/construction manager expresses an interest in a new opportunity, we do everything we can to figure out a strategy for this person to be able to move.  Grice’s relationships with principals in key consulting firms opens the door for opportunities to be created for the right individual, regardless of whether someone has asked Grice Group to find someone for a particular role there.


Other Services for Individuals

Grice Group can provide individuals with tips on resumes, interviewing, how to handle your resignation and the pitfalls of the counteroffer.  Since many individuals relocate for new opportunities in the airport industry, Grice Group has network of relocation partners.  Together we can provide you with cost of living information, home sale assistance, rental or realtor information, moving line discounts, mortgage financing, information on schools, eldercare, crime statistics, neighborhood demographics, and even career assistance for anyone accompanying you if you relocate.

When it comes time to interviewing somewhere, we make sure you’re prepared, that you know who you will be speaking with, their background, and so on.  We’ll help coordinate meetings and conversations, references, and present an offer to you that matches your goals.  The hope is that both you and our client both complete the process with a successful match having been made, and a realization that this was a really pleasant experience.



Others will tell you what it’s like to work with Grice from their testimonials.   We do a lot of repeat business with clients.  We’ve built entire aviation teams for some of them.  We hope you’ll want to stay with your new opportunity a long time, because we don’t come back a few months or a year later and tell you it’s time to go.  Some recruiters do that, just something to watch out for.  We’re in this for the long haul.  If we think something isn’t a good match or an opportunity isn’t going to make you happy long term, we’re going to let you know rather than recommend you go there and then have to repeat this same process again later.  We like to get it right the first time.


Take the First Step – Register Your Interest

If you are interested in learning about what’s happening in the industry, with different firms, the politics of different airports or organizations, it would be smart to have a conversation with Grice and begin building what will hopefully be a long term relationship.   There’s no pressure, just an invitation.

The best time to have a conversation with Grice? When you’re not even ”looking.” That allows you to be completely picky about what kind of opportunities would be better than your current situation.  We’d be happy to keep you in mind for future opportunities; just use the Register Now button on our careers page to give us your contact info, and we will be in touch promptly.  This is the best way to be in touch, even if you are just keeping your options open and nothing more.   There’s also a form you can Contact Grice if you prefer.

Understanding the sensitivity and confidentiality of what we’re discussing, these conversations can happen when it’s convenient for you. That may be evenings or weekends if you aren’t in a position to talk freely during the day. Just being curious and talking is not wasting my time. We can chat, and I can get to know more about what makes you tick.  You’ll be given a brief questionnaire about some of your likes and dislikes, what got you into the aviation industry in the first place, and some logistical info about geography and compensation.

We’d of course like to get a copy of your resume, but if you want to speak confidentially first that’s completely fine. Just let us know how to reach you. And definitely connect with Grice on Linked In. I look forward to getting to know you.  Here’s the registration button if you decide you want to have us keep you in mind.